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DG Summer Cheer Camp is a four (4) day camp held for kids ages 5-14 who want to become a cheerleader or want to enhance the skill they may already have. DGSCC is held from 8 am until 3 pm. Campers will be learning the fundamentals of cheerleading, along with cheers, chants and hip-hop choreography. Campers will also receive lunch and snack each day. Cheer T-shirt, shorts and bow will be distributed for Parent Showcase, which will be held on the last day!

Run by certified and experienced staff and cheerleaders, campers will be having sessions on cheer safety, stunt and tumbling safety, leadership, nutrition & health and a captains course. Each day your camper will come home with something new!! By the end of the week you'll have a happy camper and the best cheerleader you've ever met!

DGSCC is not just about learning new things but creating memories that will last forever! Arts &  Crafts along with Team  Bonding Activities will be the talk for the rest of the summer!!

Let's DANCE!! Not only will your child be learning hip-hop choreography, but they will have a great time in our ZUMBA session!!


  • Cheer Safety

  • Motions

  • Jumps

  • Voice Projection

  • Basic-Intermediate

    • Stunting

    • Tumbling 

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